April 22, 2009

Baby Showers!

So I went down to Florida this past weekend where I had two baby showers thrown for me. One was for my friends and thrown by my best friend, and the second was for family thrown by my mom. They were both really amazing, and we got some really great stuff. Some of the stuff I was worried Donald wouldn't like very much, he ended up liking a lot. He helped me go through it and put it up in the babies room. I got to see family I hadn't seen since November so that was a lot of fun. I really miss being able to hang out with my cousins. We only got about 2 hours together, but a few of them said they were going to try and make the trip up to see me. So I'm excited for that! One of the ladies my mom works with made me this amazing diaper cake with all kinds of thing's hidden in it. I let Donald take it apart when I got back to Georgia since he didn't get to open up any of the other presents. I think he got a kick out of some of the stuff in it. I still haven't taken it fully apart. (do you know how long it takes to unroll 2 diaper cakes!?!?lol) One of my friends also made me a diaper cake and it turned out really cool too. She put thing's on it that had to do with the ocean and thing's "daddy might see". Which I thought was adorable! I will post pics as soon as I get them. I didn't have my camera so I'm trying to figure out who all had theirs..(I know there were a couple of people with them). But overall it was a pretty great weekend. I even got to spend some actual girl time with my 2 best friends...which never happens..every time I go down they are working. So it was nice to just be able to relax and hang out a little bit. I'm hoping to be able to go back to visit one more time before DJ is here, but I'm not sure if that is possible..I only have 8 weeks left before he is due..and I don't think I want to drive by myself the last month..Going into labor on the interstate is not in my birth plan..lol. So if I go it will have to be in the next few weeks..and as it is..my "schedule" is full for the next 2 weeks. But hey maybe some people will surprise me and come see me..(hint hint)

Well now that I have done a quick jumbled update..I am off to bed. I have a doctors appointment bright and early in the morning so I need to go to bed. It's actually been a long day..OH and I will post pics of the babyshowers ASAP!..I also have another one this weekend, and along with that my birthday is on Sunday!..22..I'm starting to feel old..lol. where did 21 go? I feel like I just turned 21 like a couple of months ago...hmm..who know's. hopefully 22 doesn't pass by as quickly though!

Goodnight...and I will try and update a little more often.


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  1. Wonderful post! I can't wait to see the pictures.

    FYI...I had Paige when I was 22. So pay close attention......you'll be feeling on the old side at 37/38 when you got a 15 year old! LOLOL

    Looking forward to seeing you next week!