May 30, 2009


------------------Saturday 5/30/2009-4:30am---------------

So it's 4:30 am...and I just can't get back to sleep. We just got a phone call at 3 saying that one of his lung's completely collapsed, but now he is doing better and he on his way to how he was when we left the NICU last night.

I figured I would update now since I can't get back to sleep...(I've tried everything) We are going back up to the hospital in a few hours to check on him ourselves. I just don't feel right not being there with him.

Thank-You for your thoughts and prayers!


---------------------Friday 5/29/2009--------------------------
I went for my doctors appointment yesterday(5/28) at 11:30am..then was sent to the hospital right away..

DJ was born at 7:06pm weighing 6lbs 14oz, 19.5 inches long.

He was sent to Shand's hospital as soon as the pediatrician got there because of severe respiratory complications...they've run some tests, there is a whole in his heart, his lung's are not nearly as formed as they should be. He cannot breath on his own and is in a oscillator (sp?)..hooked up to a bunch of machines. They have not been able to feed him, all he is getting is sugar water through a tube, and it may be a few days until he can have milk. They are doing more testing and have just prepared us in case they have to send him to Gainesville for surgery(can't think of the name of it right this minute)..He does seem to be improving, but he is still fighting the machine that is helping him breath. His blood pressure is also extremely low.

I will upload pics when I can but as of now I have been up for 2 days with only 2 hours of sleep. So I am off to try and get some sleep and recuperate some.

Please keep him in your prayers...

I will update again when I get a chance. Oh and Donald did get to come home...I don't know where I would be right now without him here.


April 22, 2009

Baby Showers!

So I went down to Florida this past weekend where I had two baby showers thrown for me. One was for my friends and thrown by my best friend, and the second was for family thrown by my mom. They were both really amazing, and we got some really great stuff. Some of the stuff I was worried Donald wouldn't like very much, he ended up liking a lot. He helped me go through it and put it up in the babies room. I got to see family I hadn't seen since November so that was a lot of fun. I really miss being able to hang out with my cousins. We only got about 2 hours together, but a few of them said they were going to try and make the trip up to see me. So I'm excited for that! One of the ladies my mom works with made me this amazing diaper cake with all kinds of thing's hidden in it. I let Donald take it apart when I got back to Georgia since he didn't get to open up any of the other presents. I think he got a kick out of some of the stuff in it. I still haven't taken it fully apart. (do you know how long it takes to unroll 2 diaper cakes!?!?lol) One of my friends also made me a diaper cake and it turned out really cool too. She put thing's on it that had to do with the ocean and thing's "daddy might see". Which I thought was adorable! I will post pics as soon as I get them. I didn't have my camera so I'm trying to figure out who all had theirs..(I know there were a couple of people with them). But overall it was a pretty great weekend. I even got to spend some actual girl time with my 2 best friends...which never happens..every time I go down they are working. So it was nice to just be able to relax and hang out a little bit. I'm hoping to be able to go back to visit one more time before DJ is here, but I'm not sure if that is possible..I only have 8 weeks left before he is due..and I don't think I want to drive by myself the last month..Going into labor on the interstate is not in my birth So if I go it will have to be in the next few weeks..and as it "schedule" is full for the next 2 weeks. But hey maybe some people will surprise me and come see me..(hint hint)

Well now that I have done a quick jumbled update..I am off to bed. I have a doctors appointment bright and early in the morning so I need to go to bed. It's actually been a long day..OH and I will post pics of the babyshowers ASAP!..I also have another one this weekend, and along with that my birthday is on Sunday!..22..I'm starting to feel where did 21 go? I feel like I just turned 21 like a couple of months ago...hmm..who know's. hopefully 22 doesn't pass by as quickly though!

Goodnight...and I will try and update a little more often.


April 10, 2009

A little bit of a vent..

I'm kind of bummed right now, but I guess I should be used to changes...every time we seem to set a plan so that Donald can participate thing's get changed. I think I may just give up ever having him around to celebrate anything.

So he calls me tonight before he goes to bed (he's on duty)..and tells me that he was told they are starting shift I asked when...his reply "next week". Well the baby shower's are next weekend and they were planned next weekend so he could go to the friends one and just be apart of it...but now he can't. He's not allowed to take leave during shift work...which I do's just not possible and if he were able to, it would be screwing some people pretty badly, which I'm not at all for. I'm just a little aggravated with it. And yes I know..I'm overreacting..but I just wanted him to be able to be there and be apart of it all. I should be used to schedule changes by now..It's been almost 3 years. I guess I just needed to vent a little. I know his job can't help what need's to be done, and they can't cater to every want of every person...but it's just a little aggravating sometimes I guess. Can I just blame this reaction on my hormones and be done with it?..

April 8, 2009

My name is Robyn and I'm addicted to Victoria Secret...and buying baby clothes!

I'm tired, hungry, soar, and emotional.
That about sums up the past week for me.

I don't think I've ever been so hungry or tired..
That is all it seems I've been doing lately eating something or taking a "short" nap. Oh and I can not seem to remember the simplest that part of pregnancy..I sure hope so.

I'm going down to Florida this weekend since we are not going to Sub-Ball..I get to pick up a bunch of stuff my mom and Grandma bought..[i'm excited!] next week I will get to keep myself occupied on washing baby clothes, etc...I did cheat however last week and I bought a newborn outfit...I know I said I wouldn't buy anymore baby clothes because I was getting so many as it was..but I couldn't was the cutest little outfit..and..and...and...ugh...I have no excuse for it...waiting is soooo hard! (does that count as an excuse?!?..a good one?) But..I will not buy anymore..(I mean it this time!)..unless I end up not getting enough of a certain size.(how do you measure enough?..)

I've also went a little overboard on the VS credit card..haha..c'mon..they were having a sale..bra's $15..nice one's..and I needed some new one's..But now I have cut off my spending there until I can get the card back down to where it was..It shouldn't take to long(2months), but Victoria Secret is my ADDICTION so it might be a little harder then I am thinking..I just have to stay off of their website and out of their's the sales..I tell ya...they get me every time. :)

Okay..well I am going to attempt to be productive today..but this cold weather is not's making me want to curl up in bed even more then I already want to. Maybe a trip to the bookstore is in order..get myself a new's been a little while since I've bought a new one...besides it will get me out of the house..and off of the computer..

March 31, 2009


So I did my glucose test..they said if everything came back alright then they wouldn't call me..Friday came and went and I was excited b/c there was no call from my doctor telling me to come in and do the 3 hour glucose test..Then Monday came..4:45pm, right before they close..I get a phone call saying that my test came back perfectly fine but my hemoglobin levels were pretty low. And apparently that puts you at risk for low birth weight, pre-term birth and a few other thing's I I have to go on iron tablets. She said I (meaning my belly) is measuring right where it is supposed to be...and his heart beat is very strong.

I go to the doctor again next should just be a normal check up. I'm not sure when I start my weekly appointments...32 weeks maybe..?

I am about to start looking for someone to do my maternity pics sometime in early May. Donald has actually agreed to do them with me...those of you who know him...know that this was a took me FOREVER and some begging to get him to do pics with me over a year ago.(we didn't have any of us)...Now to find a photographer that isn't that expensive!..Maybe I will ask on subwives? We shall see.

I had my meeting about the FRG..There are 3 of us getting it set up with the command support team and the Ombudsman..There will be no president, etc.. (We are I guess you would say co-chairs?) We have alot of work to do and planning to get done. I'm still waiting to find out if my website idea has been approved by the Captain..I made a mock one for him to look hopefully he likes the idea.

Not to much else going on here...I've just been feeling utterly exhausted no matter how much sleep I get and I've started to get heartburn every night...but I guess that is all part of being pregnant.

I guess I am off to bed. The sound of the rain may actually help me sleep. :) Normally I do not like it when it rains, but for some reason tonight it's kind of soothing. Yes...I am weird.

Hope everyone had a good day.

March 29, 2009

March 28, 2009


Is that what they call it..? Nesting? Well..whatever it is...I think I may just be going through it..I have begun a weekend long goal of getting my house in order...and not just the main room's..ALL of them..

It started out with me waking the hubby up this morning so I could clean out the bedroom...and by "clean out" I mean take everything out and throw it in the living room...vacuum and then make him move around the furniture in there...and now I am taking everything out of the living room and putting it back in there in a nice orderly fashion...I'm just taking a break now..b/c I think I've already pushed myself a little to far in a short amount of time. (but that is how I'm used to doing things..start and don't stop until it's done!) As soon as I'm done w/'s on to the bathroom and closet...

I think I am only doing this so I don't go up and rearrange all 3 pieces of furniture in the baby's room for the 100th time...there is nothing else I can do in the room until after the baby showers...but sometimes I ignore that fact and make up a reason to do it (don't worry I got yelled at by the hubby last time I moved it all by now I just have him do it.)

I just wish I could have everything done all nice and clean and pretty...(if I had a magic bet I would be using it right now)...I just get so tired very easily right now..and end up making myself sick if I do to much..I don't realize it until it's to late though. So now I am making myself slow down..(hey I have 2.5'ish months to do it all).

Oh and my lesson of the day...
Mt. Dew is def. a
..although it is my favorite soda. I haven't had much soda/sweet tea in awhile (trying to cut back on the caffeine!)...and today I was REALLY wanting hubby went to the store..yeah I learned real quickly that I can't drink it..

Well this is my little update..I think I'm going to get myself an ice cold glass of water..(I'm tired of drinking

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!
Enjoy it..the weather is nice.


March 26, 2009

Pics..Pics..and oh yeah..MORE Pics..

So yeah I know...I'm slacking...I never remember to blog...and when I do remember...I am already exhausted and getting ready for bed...I'll make more of an effort! [[I promise!]]

Let's see...what's been happening..

My "little" brother Justin graduated bootcamp! I'm so proud of him. He is in AIT right now and will be home shortly and then he is off to Texas where he is to be stationed at..He will be leaving for Iraq in June or Feb...we are not sure yet.
[[Yeah...he's my little brother]]

[[Justin & some of his buddies..Graduation Day!]]

My Mom, Danae, and one of my other brother's [[Kevin]] all went to Fort Sill to see him...we got to see this really cool place called "The Holy City"...which was amazing..words won't even do it justice...Here some pics..maybe they will help:

I have alot more on myspace if your interested.. :)

Tomorrow I will be 28 weeks....Thing's have been going pretty good..DJ has begun to kick It's cute..even when I am trying to sleep at night and I feel like there is a war going on in my stomach. I go to the doctor today for my glucose test..hopefully it comes back fine..(diabetes runs in both side's of our family). I have my baby showers coming up so I am excited for those...
April is going to be a busy busy month for me between baby showers, compass, the FRG, my birthday, and Nicole's wedding...but if I stay busy maybe this will all pass a little faster...beside's I like to stay busy...especially here lately.'s a couple belly pics before I go...(I'm going to take a short nap before the doctors..I've been up since 5! I am tired):

Alright peeps..I'm out. I will be back next week.


February 13, 2009

Officially 22 weeks Preggo!

So I'm a little excited...

I went to the doctor yesterday and found out that D.J. is doing amazing and that is everything is going along as it should. I felt him kick for the first time right before they did my was an amazing feeling. He did it 6 times yesterday and it was a strong I was kind of getting worried because I was already 5 months and hadn't really felt anything inside or out...but he is definitely okay...they had to "chase" him down as they called it just to get his heart rate. I laughed..I think I may just have my hands full with him. But atleast he is active and healthy. That is all I was worried about. Donald has been randomly putting his hands on my stomach trying to feel him move. He really wants to feel I'm hoping soon he will be able to soon.

So yes..I'm getting pretty excited. Everything seems to be going by so quickly though. I'm not to sure how I feel about that. On one hand I am thrilled and the other I feel like maybe it's going by to quickly...

OH! Kelsey is pregnant! YAY! I am so excited for her...she really wants to be a mom, and has been talking about it for awhile so I am so happy for her that it finally is happening. We talked about being pregnant together when we lived in Norfolk, and I didn't think it was going to happen..but it did. [[Congrats Kelsey!!!]]

Justing [my brother] is graduating bootcamp soon. He is supposed to be sent to Iraq within 90 days of finishing his AIT...I'm kind of scared for him...but I guess I will cross that bridge when we get to it. I am just proud of him for what he has chosen to do. He will always be my "little" brother though.

Everything else is going good...My puppy's hair is growing back! [finally!!]...Smokey [my cat] is being all love on my for some reason. It's cute because he's normally not a lovey cat. We got new cell phone's [T-Mobile]...and I got a new Nikon camera..which I LOVE!! Now I will be able to take pics for Donald of DJ while he is gone.

All in is going pretty good right now.

January 20, 2009 we go..

So yeah...

Here I am.

My life as I know it is about to change, drastically.
I am almost 19 weeks pregnant...which I have come
to get used to, and am even starting to really love.
At first I was a little reserved with how I was feeling
over it all, but was changing..and I wasn't
really to sure how to react to that. We found out
that we are having a boy, Donald is thrilled needless
to say. lol. He even went and picked out a little
Winnie The Pooh outfit for the baby to come home
from the hospital in. I have to say it is very nice to see
this side of my husband. It's amazing how much a little
baby that neither of us have met yet, can impact our
lives already. I've always wanted to be a wife and mother,
but there is a big difference in wanting something and then
getting it. It's sure to be a roller coaster but I'm starting to
think we may just be alright. Especially living in the type
of community that we do.

Ah....but that is enough for now..I need to start dinner...
the baby..{and the hubby} are getting