April 8, 2009

My name is Robyn and I'm addicted to Victoria Secret...and buying baby clothes!

I'm tired, hungry, soar, and emotional.
That about sums up the past week for me.

I don't think I've ever been so hungry or tired..
That is all it seems I've been doing lately eating something or taking a "short" nap. Oh and I can not seem to remember the simplest things..weird..is that part of pregnancy..I sure hope so.

I'm going down to Florida this weekend since we are not going to Sub-Ball..I get to pick up a bunch of stuff my mom and Grandma bought..[i'm excited!]..so next week I will get to keep myself occupied on washing baby clothes, etc...I did cheat however last week and I bought a newborn outfit...I know I said I wouldn't buy anymore baby clothes because I was getting so many as it was..but I couldn't resist..it was the cutest little outfit..and..and...and...ugh...I have no excuse for it...waiting is soooo hard! (does that count as an excuse?!?..a good one?) But..I will not buy anymore..(I mean it this time!)..unless I end up not getting enough of a certain size.(how do you measure enough?..)

I've also went a little overboard on the VS credit card..haha..c'mon..they were having a sale..bra's $15..nice one's..and I needed some new one's..But now I have cut off my spending there until I can get the card back down to where it was..It shouldn't take to long(2months), but Victoria Secret is my ADDICTION so it might be a little harder then I am thinking..I just have to stay off of their website and out of their stores...it's the sales..I tell ya...they get me every time. :)

Okay..well I am going to attempt to be productive today..but this cold weather is not helping..it's making me want to curl up in bed even more then I already want to. Maybe a trip to the bookstore is in order..get myself a new book..it's been a little while since I've bought a new one...besides it will get me out of the house..and off of the computer..

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  1. It always drove me CRAZY how I would forget things. I could sit down anywhere and just start nodding off. When I was pregnant with Vitt, my mother would drive me to appointments (40 minutes away-yay for country living) and I would seriously fall asleep five minutes after we started driving! LOL

    Getting excited for you!